Meeting the cochlear implant makers

Meeting the cochlear implant makers

So who are the cochlear implant makers? During the Ideas for Ears winners event, those who have benefited from a MED-EL hearing implant also had the chance to meet the cochlear implant makers, as in the very persons who made their implant.

“Every MED-EL cochlear implant has its own unique serial number so those who are MED-EL users will be able to meet the team who actually made their implant!” added Geoffrey Ball.

Wolfgang, one of the implant makers for Raquel says: “This is great. I definitely enjoy work more now that I have met this little girl and saw how happy she was. Her hearing is great. She even plays the piano. It’s fantastic!”

Here is a selection of photos from the emotional meetings with the MED-EL staff who were involved in the making of the cochlear implants.

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