Meet inventor Leon

In our ideas4ears children’s invention contest we asked the next generation of inventors to use their creativity to come up with solutions for people living with hearing loss. The contest is organized by MED-EL (Global innovation leader in hearing loss solutions).

Overall, 341 children worldwide participated from 19 different countries and from these entries the top 9 invention ideas were chosen.

Leon (9) flew from Padbury, Western Australia with his mother to MED-EL. His imaginative invention idea came from personal experience, “My special feature is a Wakey Wakey function which is a vibrating, flashing alarm to wake you up, but it also has a setting that turns your cochlear volume up slowly over 5 minutes, so I wouldn’t get sound shock when you put them on after a long time without sound.

ideas4ears, which searches for the next generation of inventors of hearing technology, grand prize included a two-day winners’ trip to Innsbruck, Austria to provide the children and their families with the unique opportunity to tour the production facility and meet MED-EL’s many inventors.

Impressions from the trip of a lifetime!