Meet inventor Fernando

Watch this video and meet Fernando, the Spanish winner of our ideas4ears competition!

In ideas4ears, our competition for young inventors, we asked the new generation of inventors to unleash their creativity and come up with solutions for people living with hearing loss. The competition was organised by MED-EL (a global leader in innovation for hearing loss solutions).

A total of 341 children from 19 different countries took part, and the 9 winning inventions were chosen from their ideas.

Fernando (8) is an active and adventurous young boy. The idea behind his invention came about because of his wish to have a completely waterproof cochlear implant (CI), so that he can enjoy all the activities he likes without worrying about getting the components of his CI wet. Fernando didn’t want his hearing loss to affect his love of water sports and adventures. He came to MED-EL with his mum Sodi and his dad Fernando.

The prize for the winners of the ideas4ears competition, which is looking for the future generations of inventors in hearing technology, included a two-day visit to Innsbruck give the children and their families the unique opportunity to go on a tour of the production facilities and meet the MED-EL inventors in person.

Snapshots from the event for the winners of the ideas4ears competition!

Fernando meeting Oliver and Karin, the makers of his cochlear implant.

Fernando exploring the Audioversum Science Center in Innsbruck, Austria.

With his invention idea, the waterproof cochlear implant.

Innovation – the basis for progress

Innovation is essential when exploring ways to improve the lives of people with hearing loss, and the ideas4ears competition has achieved its aim by raising awareness of the solutions that exist for treating this condition.

As well as seeking to unleash the children’s creativity, ideas4ears sought to get parents involved in an interactive activity with their children in order to improve the whole family’s awareness of both the challenges associated with hearing loss and deafness and the benefits of treatment.

If you’re worried about hearing loss in a family member, or about your own hearing loss, send an email to and you’ll receive a free information pack about hearing and the solutions available.

You can also contact a MED-EL office in your country and talk to our staff, who can advise you on the hearing services available in your area.

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