Kids invent webinar

Watch this webinar to learn more about the ideas4ears contest launching 9 November!

Do you know a kid between the ages of 6 and 12 who is eager to help solve problems for the greater good? Then watch this kids invent webinar! Put these young minds to the test through the next ideas4ears children’s invention contest that aims to come up with solutions for people living with hearing loss.

To learn more about the upcoming contest and how it works, we joined forces to present you with a kids invent webinar involving Lemelson-MITDeaf Kids Code and Invention Convention. This special webinar gives a background into ideas4ears and explain the details of the contest and application process.

Topics covered:

  • Explanation of the contest and it’s background
  • Details into the application process
  • Related invention example from a past ideas4ears winner
  • Shared insight and resources from partner programs that work with the deaf

The best overall invention ideas will win a grand prize trip to Innsbruck, Austria for the winning children and their guardians who will be able to meet with MED-EL’s many inventors and to see where real hearing loss inventions come to life.

Soundbites from the webinar speakers…

Stephanie Couch, Executive Director, Lemelson-MIT Program Today’s webinar is about a wonderful opportunity to get young people off the ground as inventors at very early ages. We know that this is really critical to give all students opportunities to learn to invent across all ages and all stages of development. And so we’re bringing this to you and with a number of partners because this one is just so easy. Anyone can give this learning opportunity to their students or the young people they work with.

Geoffrey Ball, Head ideas4ears Judge & inventor of the VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE middle ear implant, MED-EL My name is Geoffrey Ball. I’m the CTO of MED-EL. I’m also the inventor of the Vibrant Soundbridge, the Bonebridge and I’ve worked in hearing technology for the past, a lot of years, let’s just say that. I’ve been deaf since a toddler. I lost my hearing due to a reaction to a medication that I was given and it’s been really challenging growing up as a deaf person and it’s really a privilege now to be involved with the ideas4ears. When we started the ideas4ears concept many years ago, we thought it would be a simple concept and now it’s turned into a worldwide event and it’s been terrific to see all the kids involved.

Shireen Hafeez, Founder and President, Deaf Kids Code (Check out Shireen’s TEDx Talk here) “Anybody from anywhere at any age has the power and ability to be an inventor and a creator. And so this is the backbone of everything that we evangelise, is to maximise the human potential among our kids. And so this is just a phenomenal opportunity.

Veronica Lynagh, Global Director, Invention Convention We’re taking our young people and we are just literally stepping into what they already naturally know how to do, which is how to care for others, how to be curious, how to use their imagination, and we’re trying to hone in on that process so that they have the confidence to go out and figure things out.

Avery Bennett, 2018 ideas4ears invention contest winner Participating in the ideas4ears competition has inspired me to continue to invent and discover solutions to problems in the world around me. Very soon, the next ideas4ears competition will be starting and you too can be a winner. Since winning the ideas4ears competition, I have come up with many other inventions. My advice to other inspiring inventors would be to look around, be inspired, and create inventions that make the world a better place.

Learn more:

Watch the winners videos from the last contest to see the fun the young inventors had on the winners trip to Austria and read all about the adventures of the previous years winners here.