Judging the next generation of inventors

Judging the next generation of inventors

In our ideas4ears contest we asked the next generation of inventors to use their creativity to come up with solutions for people living with hearing loss.

With over 240 entries submitted from children all over the world, we were excited to discover and review some of the brightest ideas coming from the youngsters minds.


Our judging panel included the inventor of the VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE, Geoffrey Ball (above). Geoffrey’s story is very unique, as a child he had hearing loss and became frustrated that hearing aids did not work for him, they made sounds louder but not any clearer. So he channeled this frustration to invent a solution for his own hearing loss.

Watch Geoffrey’s interview below to learn more:

VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE Inventor Geoffrey Ball Interview—MED-EL

After judging the worldwide entries Geoffrey said, “As a company born from inventors, MED-EL’s story is proof of the power of a good idea and the impact that inventions can have on the lives of people living with a condition like hearing loss and deafness. The one-of-a-kind inventions proposed by the children are impressive and we look forward to meeting the winners in Innsbruck in 2018.”


View the winning ideas and next generation of inventors here.

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