Everything you need to know about ideas4ears

In our ideas4ears inventor competition, we asked the next generation of inventors to use their creativity and submit inventions that improve the quality of life of people with cochlear implants or hearing loss. The competition is organized by MED-EL (leading manufacturer of implantable hearing solutions).

Check out this video and meet Geoffrey Ball, chairman of the ideas4ears jury!

ideas4ears is an annual competition in which children from 42 countries worldwide have participated with more than 843 entries since its premiere in 2017.

“It’s great that so many children with cochlear implants took part in the ideas4ears competition and brought in their own experiences of living in silence. Other submissions came from children whose loved ones are deaf. Their goal has always been the same, which is to make the lives of their family members easier, ”said Geoffrey Ball.

Impressions from the ideas4ears event!

At ideas4ears, a competition that is looking for the next generation of inventors in hearing technology, the winners were offered a two-day trip to Innsbruck. In 2019 the children and their families had the unique opportunity to watch the production of hearing implants and meet many MED-EL inventors.

Innovation – the basis for progress in cochlear implants

Innovation is essential when it comes to improving the lives of people with hearing loss. The ideas4ears inventor competition puts hearing loss and the benefits of hearing solutions back into focus.

Ideas4ears not only wanted to encourage the creative talent of children, but also to involve their parents. The aim of the competition was to make a broad audience aware of the challenges hearing impaired people have to master in everyday life and how useful it is to do something about hearing loss.

If you suspect hearing loss in yourself or a family member, you can order a free information pack about hearing solutions from ideas4ears@medel.com.

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