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Contest for young inventors

Do you love inventing and creating?

Get involved with MED-EL’s search for hearing inventions! There have been many incredible inventions that help people hear again – or for the first time – and make their lives so much better. We know children can come up with amazing ideas, so if you are aged 6-12 years old and have a brilliant invention bouncing around in that brain of yours, we’d love to hear all about it.

Ready, steady, invent!

Every idea is welcome. It could be a new invention, an improvement to something that already exists or a clever idea that helps people with hearing loss. The important thing is how it can help people with hearing loss at any age or make their lives easier.

What type of invention could you make?

  • You could make a video telling us all about your invention idea (no longer than one minute)
  • You can create something super creative and send us a photo of your artwork
  • You could do a drawing or illustration of your invention

Need some inspiration? Check out the winning children’s inventions from the 2019 competition.

Inspiring inspiration!

Awesome prizes are offered! There’s a chance to win notebook computers, tablets and special prize packs. So, get to it and share your idea with us.

We look forward to receiving your inventions!

Competition entries will close at midnight on Sunday 17 January 2021.


Submit your idea now

In under 200 words please describe your invention and how it can help people living with hearing loss or make their lives easier.

Upload your image, video, illustration or extra supporting information about your invention idea. Maximum file size is 50 MB. Accepted files: .jpeg, .jpg, .pdf, .png, .doc, .docx, .mov, .ppt, .mpg, .mp4. If you are having trouble uploading large files you can email us your entry to

We will only use this phone number to contact you if you win the contest.